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The best way to Deal with Excellent Checks in Payroll

Writing staff checks is a technique you may pay them their wages. But when an worker takes too lengthy to deposit their paycheck, you must cope with the results. There are some things you may need to do when paychecks are excellent checks.

What are excellent checks?

Excellent checks are checks that haven’t been deposited or cashed by the recipient. As a result of the recipient has not cashed the test, the payor nonetheless has the cash of their account. The payor nonetheless owes the payee cash, making the fee a legal responsibility.

You possibly can have excellent checks for various causes. While you pay an worker with a paycheck, they don’t have to money it immediately. They could dangle onto the test till they completely have to money it. Or, a paycheck might get misplaced within the mail.

Do paychecks expire?

Like private checks, paychecks can expire if they’re excellent for a sure period of time.

When does a paycheck expire? The expiration interval for paychecks varies from state to state. Usually, paychecks expire after six months. If an worker tries to money an expired paycheck, their financial institution can select whether or not to money it or not.

If a paycheck has been unclaimed for a protracted time period, the payor should hand over the funds to the state in a course of generally known as escheatment.

The best way to deal with excellent paychecks

Having excellent or unclaimed checks doesn’t imply you’re off the hook. It is advisable to make an effort to maintain the legal responsibility.

The way you deal with excellent paychecks depends upon a number of elements. Ask your self the next questions earlier than continuing:

  1. Does the worker nonetheless give you the results you want?
  2. Is the paycheck expired?
  3. When does your state require you to report unclaimed paychecks?

Utilizing the questions as pointers, check out what you must do beneath.

1. Does the worker nonetheless give you the results you want?

As an employer, you must make an effort to contact your worker or former worker in regards to the excellent paycheck.

If the worker nonetheless works for you, getting in contact with them must be simple as a result of you’ve got their present contact info. If the worker was terminated, use their most up-to-date contact info to name them or ship a written discover.

Doc every try that you just make to inform the worker or former worker about their uncashed paycheck. Be certain that to maintain correct payroll data of every try.

2. Is the paycheck expired?

If the paycheck is expired, the worker may nonetheless have the ability to money it, relying on their financial institution’s guidelines. If the worker is unable to money an expired paycheck, you may challenge a brand new test.

3. When does your state require you to report unclaimed paychecks?

If a paycheck goes unclaimed for a sure time period, you must file and report it to your state. Every state determines when funds are escheatable. Usually, if a paycheck is unclaimed for one to 5 years, you’ll need handy over the quantity of the test to your state.

As soon as an unclaimed paycheck is escheated, the worker may have the ability to apply to the state to get the funds again.

For extra info, test together with your state about its escheatment legal guidelines.

Combating issues with excellent checks

Excellent checks can wreak havoc in your time, the accuracy of your data, and even your funds.

Listed here are some issues excellent checks could cause, in addition to suggestions for combating these points:

  • Checking account overdrafts
  • Discrepancies between your accounting books and checking account
  • Failing to report unclaimed paychecks
  • Wasted time

When an worker takes too lengthy to money a paycheck, you may face checking account overdrafts. Forgetting about your uncashed legal responsibility can lead you to spend extra money than you even have. One approach to fight potential financial institution overdrafts is by opening a separate payroll account. By separating payroll funds from normal enterprise funds, you may be sure you gained’t contact extra cash in your payroll account that’s meant for paychecks.

Excellent checks also can create discrepancies between your accounting books and checking account. Your checking account will present a better steadiness than your books. To repair this, you’ll need to reconcile your checking account together with your accounting books. After financial institution assertion reconciliation, alter your financial institution assertion steadiness.

You may additionally fail to report unclaimed paychecks to your state. Should you don’t report the unclaimed property to your state, you would face penalties. Ensure you set up procedures for coping with unclaimed paychecks earlier than these points come up.

Coping with excellent checks can be time consuming. It is advisable to observe down the worker or former worker to get them to money their paycheck. As a substitute, you may contemplate paying staff through direct deposit. Direct deposit can eradicate the entire ordeal of excellent or unclaimed paychecks. And in some states, you may make direct deposit obligatory.

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This text has been up to date from its unique publication date of Might 14, 2018.

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