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Phrase of the Day: tract

The phrase tract has appeared in 124 articles on prior to now 12 months, together with on Sept. 20 in “Fossils Resolve Thriller of an Historic ‘Alien Goldfish’” by Jack Tamisiea:

The early fossil file is plagued by weird creatures that don’t resemble something residing at present. And few of these evolutionary enigmas are as perplexing as Typhloesus, an historical sea animal so unusual that paleontologists have referred to it as an alien goldfish.

The bloblike animal has defied taxonomic placement for almost 50 years. Scientists weren’t positive whether or not the animal, which had a considerable tail fin and a intestine typically filled with the stays of early fish species, was extra intently associated to a worm, a jawless fish or one thing else solely.

… As a result of many of those historical sea creatures are delicately imprinted onto the limestone, most of their identities are simple to infer. Nonetheless, Typhloesus has perplexed scientists because it was described in 1973. The vaguely fishlike critter was as soon as believed to be a conodont, a jawless, eel-like vertebrate. However a more in-depth inspection revealed that the conodont stays had been inside an animal’s digestive tract. That led scientists to conclude that Typhloesus had snacked on conodonts.

Are you able to accurately use the phrase tract in a sentence?

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