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ought to I inform my tantrum-throwing coworker that she’s sabotaging herself? — Ask a Supervisor

A reader writes:

I work in a small staff of half a dozen. Not too long ago our lead left and one other coworker stepped in to fill that lead place, which left her position open. We have now one coworker, I’ll name her Jane, whose work is tangentially associated to ours however she’s not in the identical position however she does sit in our small workplace. She’s socially related with us as properly and will get invited to any kind of staff operate. Earlier than our lead left, we shared a lead.

For a myriad of causes that aren’t fully associated, Jane has determined that she desires to turn out to be an official a part of our staff and utilized for the open place. In her thoughts, it needs to be a completed deal. She sits with us and is aware of our jargon and already assists with just a few of our duties already so she’d simply want coaching on the finer particulars of what we do. And I agree, she most likely ought to get the place simply based mostly on that issue alone. The issue is that administration is beginning to flip chilly on her. She has a fairly good motive to imagine that higher administration is attempting to pigeonhole her within the place she’s in now and could be keen to let anybody else besides her take the open place. I don’t blame Jane for pondering that as a result of it could be handy for them.

The problem is that I believe Jane is sabotaging herself with the way in which she’s appearing. She believes she is entitled to this place and that if it’s not introduced to her on a silver platter, her self-fulfilling prophecy is coming true and administration is attempting to maintain her out of the job.

They introduced that they’ll be doing interviews for the job as a number of inside candidates have thrown their hat within the ring. When she discovered this out, she nearly got here unglued. Jane doesn’t suppose there needs to be interviews and he or she ought to simply be supplied the place outright and the truth that they’re interviewing is an indication that her prophecy is coming true. A number of folks have tried to inform her that that’s not the case and that there are many causes interviews have to be performed. It might be unfair to all of the candidates in any other case. Jane doesn’t purchase it. Her logic is that our lead stepped into her place with out an interview so this shouldn’t be completely different. She doesn’t see the distinction between an inside center administration place and the place she desires. She principally accused our lead (who was on her facet) of getting particular therapy. I don’t suppose our lead took that properly.

Right this moment that they had one of many different inside candidates shadow our place for an hour however didn’t warn Jane that they’d be bringing this candidate over. They don’t owe her that warning however it could have been a pleasant courtesy. So when he confirmed as much as shadow, she assumed they have been grooming him to take the place away from her. I don’t know that something notably dramatic occurred, however I used to be working from house and Jane was texting me all her ideas and was simply furious about the entire scenario. She ended up leaving early to go earn a living from home due to it.

Jane is somebody I’d think about a pal. We don’t hang around outdoors of labor, however we do chat within the workplace and textual content often. I frankly don’t wish to be concerned, so I’ve mentioned nothing to this point. I’ve simply listened to Jane rant and tried to steer her away from her conspiracies however she’s not having it. I don’t know if I needs to be actually up-front together with her that her habits may be sabotaging herself and danger her turning her ire on me, or if I ought to simply let it play out and see what occurs.

Jane might need been proper initially that she was being unfairly blocked from the open place … however her habits since then is itself more likely to be a motive she doesn’t get the job!

Shifting positions isn’t a completed deal except you’re advised it’s a completed deal. It’s not unreasonable for an employer to carry interviews to see what completely different candidates would supply, and that’s doubly true when a bunch of these candidates are inside ones. At a minimal, Jane’s feeling that she’s entitled to the job says that she doesn’t perceive some fundamental skilled realities. Her (repeated?) tantrums about it say she’s more likely to be a ache to work with. In the event that they have been keen to think about her at the beginning, I can’t blame them for not being keen to think about her now.

Which is just too unhealthy, as a result of Jane might need had a reputable grievance! If she has actual motive to imagine that she’s being blocked as a result of she’s too precious in her present job (and it sounds such as you suppose she does), that’s unfair, and it’s the type of nonsensical and short-sighted administration transfer that drives folks out of the corporate fully. However any reputable beef she had is overshadowed by how she’s behaved since.

To be clear, she’s allowed to be upset. The issue is throwing tantrums and appearing in a approach that even a pal considers “unglued.”

As for whether or not it is best to say one thing to her … you talked about that you just don’t wish to danger her turning her ire on you. Do you could have motive to imagine that’s seemingly? Have you ever seen her do this to others who delivered a message she didn’t wish to hear? In that case, that negates any obligation you’d should attempt to make her see motive. Ideally, as a pal you need to have the ability to speak truthfully while you suppose it’s in somebody’s greatest pursuits to listen to you out … however folks forfeit the suitable to count on that type of useful honesty after they shoot the messenger. (I’d argue that the nearer the friendship, the extra obligation it’s a must to converse up anyway while you see somebody harming themselves, however this feels like extra work-friends than friend-friends and people are completely different ranges of intimacy.) You continue to may make a one-time try out of excellent will, however I’d plan to again off rapidly should you don’t see indicators she’s open to listening to you.

In the end, this isn’t yours to repair. (It is her supervisor’s to repair, although, and I’m wondering why that individual is letting this all play out in such a messy and disruptive approach.)



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