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Important Phrases For TOEFL – Superingenious

Increase your English vocabulary with essentially the most steadily, encountered, and Important Phrases For TOEFL. Listed below are the Important Phrases For the TOEFL vocabulary record.


adv. to or out of the country
syn. abroad; internationally

  • Louis Armstrong usually traveled overseas.
  • Dwelling overseas may be an academic expertise.


adj. fast; with out warning
adv. abruptly
syn. sudden
n. abruptness

  • There was an abrupt change within the climate.
  • After the incident everybody left abruptly.


adj. allowable or passable
v. settle for
syn. permissible
adv. acceptably
n. acceptability
adj. accepting

  • The thought was acceptable to everybody.
  • The registrar accepted extra candidates than he ought to have.


n. enthusiastic approval; applause
adj. acclaimed
syn. reward
n. acclamation

  • Leonardo DiCaprio has earned acclaim overseas as an actor.
  • Acclaimed authors usually win Pulitzer Prizes.


adj. displeasing, objectionable, or dangerous
adv. adversely
syn. unfavorable
n. adversity
n. adversary

  • The sport was cancelled by officers as a result of adversarial climate situations.
  • His indecision adversely affected his job efficiency.


n. an element or attribute of one thing; a component
syn. aspect

  • I might belief the skilled’s recommendation in that facet of economics.
  • There are lots of fascinating features to the advanced process.


adj. calling consideration to; pleasing; creating curiosity; fairly
v. appeal to
syn. interesting
n. attraction
n. attractiveness
adv. attractively

  • The thought of working 4, ten-hour work days was enticing to many workers.
  • The key attraction of the present was a speech by the president.


adj. by itself; with no affiliation
adv. autonomously
syn. unbiased

  • Mexico grew to become an autonomous state in 1817.
  • Though working intently with the federal government, all companies operate autonomously.


adj. all the time current; continuous
adv. chronically
syn. fixed

  • The creator’s continual headache prevented her from ending the chapter.
  • He’s chronically late to class.


n. the act of disagreeing; not giving approval
v. disapprove
syn. objection
adv. disapprovingly

  • Their disapproval of the plan triggered the experiment to be deserted.
  • The scholars disapproved of the extent of problem of the take a look at.


adj. inflicting confusion and interruption
v. disrupt
syn. disturbing
n. disruption
adv. disruptively

  • Frequent questions throughout lectures may be disruptive.
  • The storm triggered a disruption in bus service.


adv. having no order or sample; by probability
adj. haphazard
syn. arbitrarily; carelessly
n. haphazardness

  • It was apparent that the home was constructed haphazardly.
  • Susan accomplished the project in a haphazard manner.


n. taking motion; be concerned
v. intervene
syn. involvement

  • The tutor’s intervention helped him enhance his grade.
  • Some world leaders determine to not intervene within the affairs of different nations.


adj. steady; refusing to surrender; agency in motion or resolution
v. persist
syn. fixed
n. persistence
adv. persistently

  • The lawyer’s persistent questioning unsettled the witness.
  • Her persistence earned her a spot on the crew.


v. to alter to a later time; to delay
adj. postponable
syn. reschedule
n. postponement

  • The referees determined to postpone the soccer match.
  • The postponement of the assembly upset the impatient membership members.


adj. producing a desired consequence based mostly on truths or info
n. validity
syn. convincing
adv. validly

  • The scholars had a sound cause for lacking class.
  • The professor questioned the validity of the take a look at outcomes.


v. to take away, take out, or take again
n. withdrawal
syn. extract

  • The participant withdrew from the competitors.
  • Gloria needed to make a withdrawal from her financial savings to pay tuition.


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