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College English Vocabulary – Superingenious

College English Vocabulary will aid you to boost your vocabulary and be taught new English phrases about faculty. College English Vocabulary has been designed to be enjoyable whereas additionally studying new English phrases.

College English Vocabulary

For those who’re seeking to enhance your English vocabulary, I’ve listed some helpful phrases under about issues in faculties that can be utilized in many various methods.

1. quad


An open sq. space that has buildings throughout it, particularly in a college or school.

  • College students greeted him as he walked by way of the quad.
  • Her workplace window overlooks the quad.


2. area


The world within the College is used for enjoying a sport on. (British English = pitch)

  • There was enormous pleasure as the varsity groups got here onto the sector.
  • a soccer/soccer/sports activities area.
  • a baseball/cricket/rugby area.


3. bleachers


A sloping space of seats at a sports activities area which can be cheaper and never coated by a roof.

  • Our faculty has an enormous of bleachers.
  • I’ll see you on the bleachers.


4. principal


The particular person in command of a college and cost of all its every day actions and sustaining its varied techniques. (UK headteacher, head).

  • She despatched unruly pupils to see the principal.
  • Our faculty principal is beautiful.


5. assistant principal

assistant principal

An schooling administrator chargeable for facilitating the day-to-day necessities of the varsity. (Also called a vice principal)

  • Our assistant principals cope with the problems of faculty administration.
  • The assistant principals have a gathering with dad and mom to debate scholar behavioral or studying issues.


6. counselor

school counselor

An individual who’s skilled to hearken to folks and provides them recommendation about their issues.

  • The college now has a counselor to assist college students with each private and work issues.
  • I really like our college counselor she is useful.


7. classroom


A room in a college the place classes happen.

  • College students are anticipated to be quiet and obedient within the classroom.
  • The youngsters put up posters on the classroom partitions.


8. instructor


An individual whose job is to show in a college.

  • My son’s by no means been in bother along with his academics earlier than.
  • There’s a scarcity of academics, particularly in music and science.


9. restrooms

school restrooms

A room with a bathroom in a public place, resembling a college.

  • When the instructor got here, I actually needed to go to the restroom.
  • We’ve got clear restrooms in our college.


10. hallway

school hallway

An area or passage inside the doorway or entrance door of a constructing.

  • He walked down the varsity hallway to see the assistant principal.
  • She walked by way of the crowded hallways to the locker room.


11. locker

school locker

A small cabinet that may be locked, the place you possibly can go away your garments, luggage, and so on. when you play a sport or go someplace.

  • I left my issues in my locker.
  • I misplaced the keys of the locker.


12. clerk


An individual who’s chargeable for performing a lot of administrative duties at an elementary, center, or highschool.


13. cafeteria

school cafeteria

A restaurant the place you select and pay on your meal earlier than you carry it to a desk. Cafeterias are sometimes present in factories faculties, faculties, hospitals, and so on.

  • Client teams had been urging faculty cafeterias to serve more healthy meals.
  • I’ll meet you within the cafeteria through the break.


14. pc lab

computer lab

A pc lab is an area that gives pc providers and classes to college students at college.

  • We’ve got a brand new pc lab in our college.
  • I really like finding out within the pc lab.


15. instructor’s aide

teacher's aide

A instructor’s aide or classroom assistant is an individual who helps a instructor in a college classroom however who isn’t a certified instructor.

  • She works as a instructor’s aide.
  • I’m working as a part-time instructor’s aide.


16. library


A college library is a library inside a college the place college students, workers, and infrequently, dad and mom of a public or personal faculty have entry to a wide range of sources.

  • We’re finding out within the faculty library.
  • I really like our college library it has so many books to learn.


17. auditorium

school auditorium

The a part of a theatre, live performance corridor, and so on. through which the viewers sits.

  • The auditorium seats over a thousand folks.
  • You’ll be taken on a guided tour of the theatre, together with the stage, auditorium, and backstage areas.


18. gymnasium

school gym

A room or corridor with tools for doing bodily train, for instance in a college.

  • The college has not too long ago constructed a brand new gymnasium.
  •  in a gymnasium to play basketball within the gymnasium

19. coach


Somebody whose job is to show folks to enhance at a sport, ability, or faculty topic.

  • The coach issued a diktat that each one crew members should attend early-morning observe.
  • Our soccer coach has labored onerous to inculcate a crew spirit into the gamers.


20. observe


a bit of floor with a particular floor for folks, vehicles, and so on. to have races or to drive on

  • a System One Grand Prix observe (= for motor racing).
  • a working observe.


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