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All About Sensory Cups – The Autism Helper

The Cup Analogy

All of us have completely different sized sensory cups, and so they can fluctuate between sensory techniques. The objective is for an individual’s sensory cups to really feel full, however not overflow. The larger the sensory cup, the extra sensory enter that individual wants inside that system. If somebody has a small sensory cup, they will solely deal with a small quantity of enter earlier than the cup overflows.  For instance, some folks have a really huge vestibular (motion) sensory cup.  This individual would search out numerous motion actions to fill that cup all the way in which up.  Alternatively, somebody could have a small motion cup.  Just a bit little bit of sensory enter could make that small sensory cup overflow.  I do know my vestibular cup is small as I can’t journey spinning rides at amusement parks – it’s an excessive amount of for me.

Subsequently, somebody with a small sensory cup could overrespond to sensory enter.  It doesn’t take numerous sensory enter to replenish the cup and overflow.  Somebody with an enormous sensory cup could underrespond to sensory enter, which means they want extra of it to really feel full.  



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