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31 Elementary PE Video games Your College students Will Love

There’s nothing youngsters want extra to interrupt up a day spent sitting nonetheless and listening than a enjoyable PE class to let off some steam. Within the previous days, going to gymnasium class in all probability included taking part in kickball or dodgeball after working a number of laps. Since then, there have been numerous reinventions of and variations on previous classics in addition to fully new video games. Though there isn’t a scarcity of choices, we love that the provides required stay comparatively minimal. You’ll wish to be certain to have some staples readily available like balls, Hula-Hoops, bean luggage, and parachutes. No matter your college students’ athletic talents, there’s something for everybody on our listing of elementary PE video games!

1. Tic-Tac-Toe Relay

Students stand in the background. In the foreground are several hula hoops laid out on the floor (elementary PE games)

Elementary PE video games that not solely get college students shifting but additionally get them pondering are our favorites. Seize some Hula-Hoops and some scarves or bean luggage and prepare to look at the enjoyable!

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2. Blob Tag

A large group of elementary school aged children are holding hands and running outside (elementary PE games)

Choose two college students to begin because the Blob, then as they tag different youngsters, they’ll develop into a part of the Blob. You should definitely exhibit protected tagging, stressing the significance of sentimental touches.

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3. Cross the River

A graphic shows how to setup his game. (elementary PE games)

This enjoyable sport has a number of ranges that college students must work by together with “get to the island,” “cross the river,” and “you misplaced a rock.”

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4. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Cones

Three photos show students lined up on a line of cones in a gymnasium (elementary PE games)

Line up cones, then have college students pair up and stand on both aspect of a cone. Lastly, name out head, shoulders, knees, or cones. If cones known as, college students must race to be the primary to select up their cone earlier than their opponent.

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5. Spider Ball

Four children facing the camera are chasing after a soccer ball flying through the air (elementary PE games)

Elementary PE video games are sometimes variations of dodgeball like this one. One or two gamers begin with the ball and try to hit all the runners as they run throughout the gymnasium or subject. If a participant is hit, they’ll then take part and develop into a spider themselves.

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6. Crab Soccer

People are shown on all fours ready to kick a ball while imitating crabs (elementary PE games)

Much like common soccer however college students might want to play on all fours whereas sustaining a crab-like place.

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7. Halloween Tag

A graphic shows neon stick people standing in hula hoops and some have witch hats on. Text reads Halloween Tag (elementary PE games)

That is the proper PE sport to play in October. It’s just like tag, however there are witches, wizards, and blobs with no bones!

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8. Loopy Caterpillars

We love that this sport is just not solely enjoyable but additionally works on college students’ hand-eye coordination. College students could have enjoyable pushing their balls across the gymnasium with pool noodles whereas constructing their caterpillars.

9. Monster Ball

A diagram shows how to setup a gynmasium for Monster ball. The left side shows the blue team and the right side shows the red. There is a large ball in a square in between the teams.

You’ll want a big train ball or one thing just like act because the monster ball within the center. Make a sq. across the monster ball, divide the category into groups on both aspect of the sq., then process the groups with throwing small balls on the monster ball to maneuver it into the opposite workforce’s space.

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10. Striker Ball

Large cones and students are spread around a gymnasium.

Striker ball is an pleasing sport that can preserve your college students entertained whereas engaged on response time and strategic planning. We love that there’s restricted setup required earlier than taking part in.

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11. Parachute Tug-of-Warfare

Students stand around a brightly colored parachute.

What listing of elementary PE video games could be full with out some parachute enjoyable? So easy but so enjoyable, all you will have is a big parachute and sufficient college students to create two groups. Have college students stand on reverse sides of the parachute, then allow them to compete to see which aspect comes out on prime!

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12. Fleas Off the Parachute

Students stand around a large parachute with small balls bouncing on the top of it.

One other enjoyable parachute sport the place one workforce must attempt to preserve the balls (fleas) on the parachute and the opposite tries to get them off.

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13. Loopy Ball

A collage of pictures shows a little boy holding a frisbee, a few large dodge balls, and a group of children running.

The setup for this enjoyable sport is just like kickball, with three bases and a house base. Loopy ball actually is so loopy because it combines components of soccer, Frisbee, and kickball!

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14. Bridge Tag

A stick figure is shown on all fours.

This sport begins as easy tag however evolves into one thing extra enjoyable as soon as the tagging begins. As soon as tagged, youngsters should kind a bridge with their physique and so they can’t be freed till somebody crawls by.

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15. Star Wars Tag

A drawing of Star Wars shows a battle with different colored lightsabers.

You’ll need two different-colored pool noodles to face in for lightsabers. The tagger could have one shade pool noodle that they use to tag college students whereas the healer could have the opposite shade that they’ll use to free their pals.

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16. Rob the Nest

Students are shown retrieving balls from a circle in the middle of an obstacle course.

Create an impediment course that results in a nest of eggs (balls) after which divide the scholars into groups. They must race relay-style by the obstacles to retrieve eggs and produce them again to their workforce.

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17. 4 Corners

Four corners are designated by different colored papers. Students stand on different corners. different colored pa

We love this traditional sport because it engages college students bodily whereas additionally engaged on shade recognition for youthful college students. Have your college students stand on a nook, then shut their eyes and name out a shade. College students standing on that shade earn some extent.

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18. Motion Cube

A piece of paper has exercises listed next to each side of a dice (elementary PE games)

This can be a excellent warm-up that requires solely a die and a sheet with corresponding workouts.

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19. Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag

A graphic shows cartoon children jumping and the text reads our version of rock, paper, scissors tag (elementary PE games)

A enjoyable spin on tag, youngsters will tag each other after which play a fast sport of Rock, Paper, Scissors to find out who has to take a seat and who will get to proceed taking part in.

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20. Cornhole Cardio

Students stand about 10 yards back from cornhold boards. There are cones scattered throughout the gymnasium.

This one is so enjoyable however generally is a little bit complicated, so you should definitely depart loads of time for instruction. Youngsters can be divided into groups earlier than continuing by a enjoyable home that features cornhole, working laps, and stacking cups.

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21. Join 4

circles are laid out on the ground and students stand in two lines behind them (elementary PE games)

You’ll need a variety of Hula-Hoops to create two Join 4 boards which might be 7 by 6 hoops deep. College students would be the tokens and must make a basketball shot earlier than getting to maneuver into the board.

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22. Zookeepers

College students will love imitating their favourite animals whereas taking part in this enjoyable variation of 4 Corners the place the taggers are the zookeepers.

23. Racket, Whack It

A diagram shows how to setup the game Rack It, Whack It.

College students stand with rackets in hand whereas balls are thrown at them—they have to both dodge the balls or swat them away.

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24. Loopy Strikes

A diagram shows 5 mats laid out with x's on them to represent the students.

Set mats out across the gymnasium, then yell out a quantity. College students should race to the mat earlier than it’s already stuffed with the proper variety of our bodies.

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25. Wheelbarrow Race

A cartoon image shows two kids on their hands while two other kids hold their legs. A third child is yelling Go in the background.

An oldie however a goodie, wheelbarrow races require no gear and are assured to be successful together with your college students.

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26. Pac-Man

Followers of retro video video games like Pac-Man will get a kick out of this live-action model the place college students get to behave out the characters.

27. Spaceship Tag

Give every of your college students a Hula-Hoop (spaceship), then have them run round making an attempt to not stumble upon anybody else’s spaceship or get tagged by the instructor (alien). As soon as your college students get actually good at it, you’ll be able to add completely different ranges of complexity.

28. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bean Bag Stability

Two children stand playing rock, paper, scissors, with bean bags on their heads (elementary PE games)

We love this spin on Rock, Paper, Scissors as a result of it really works on steadiness and coordination. College students stroll across the gymnasium till they discover an opponent, then the winner collects a bean bag, which they have to steadiness on their head!

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29. Throwing, Catching, and Rolling

Wedge mats are laid out in front of kiddie swimming pools which are filled with industrial sized paper towel rolls. Children are scattered around holding whiffle balls.

This can be a enjoyable exercise however it would require a variety of preparation, together with asking the college upkeep workers to gather industrial-sized paper towel rolls. We love this exercise as a result of it reminds us of the old-school arcade sport Skee-Ball!

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30. Jenga Health

A diagram explains the rules to playing Jenga fitness.

Though Jenga is enjoyable sufficient by itself, combining it with enjoyable bodily challenges is certain to be a winner with younger college students.

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31. Volcanoes and Ice Cream Cones

A diagram shows children running around flipping cones either upside down or right side up (elementary PE games)

Divide the category into two groups, then assign one workforce as volcanoes and the opposite as ice cream cones. Subsequent, unfold cones across the gymnasium, half the wrong way up and half proper aspect up. Lastly, have the groups race to flip as many cones as potential to both volcanoes or ice cream cones.

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What are your favourite elementary PE video games to play together with your class? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Fb.

Plus, try our favourite recess video games for the classroom.



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